CANCELLED *** Detachment Christmas Party *** CANCELLED

Townsend Detachment
Saturday, December 12, 2020 12:00 - 16:00
580 Hidden Forest Trail
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Several factors, all related to the COVID-19 pandemic, have led to our decision to cancel this year's Christmas Party. 

Many of our members were reluctant to attend group gatherings, and recent reports suggest an increase in the virus locally.  The response to the invitation has been underwhelming, and our hosts employers have increased restrictions which could threaten their work. 

Taking all into account, we have decided it is in all our best interests to cancel the party and look forward to a time, hopefully in the near future, when we can safely gather --- maybe an Easter egg hunt! 

Stay safe; Merry Christmas; Semper Fidelis.




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  • Saturday, December 12, 2020 12:00 - 16:00